All You Need To Know About Biotechnology

Various Aspects of Biotechnology 

The exploitation of living organisms and their parts for the betterment of the community is known as biotechnology. Since many years, the by-products of various living organisms are used for industrial and commercial purposes. Biotechnology has multiple applications that range from medical uses to development of vaccines and excellent sources of bio-fuel, anti-ageing lotions and beer brewing. 

Contribution Of Biotechnology In Various Fields 

The contribution of biotechnology is not just limited to medical science and health care. You will be surprised to know the numerous impacts of it in day-to-day life. There is no doubt that the scope of biotechnology is vast. Hence, this broad concept is classified into four main categories- red, white, yellow and grey biotechnology. To know about these parts in details, keep reading until the end. 

Use of biotechnology

Group of scientists testing equipments in a modern lab

Red biotechnology refers to all the factors that combine to produce veterinary products or medicines. Much advancement was made in the field of medical science with the help of biotechnology. Experts in the field of medicines utilize biotechnology to produce antibiotics and vaccines, develop modern techniques, new drugs, and regenerative therapies. The role of biotechnology in the development of genetic engineering is also significant.

Significance of white biotechnology

Not only in the medical field, but biotechnology has equal involvement in the industrial sector. Industries exploit biotechnology to manufacture energy-efficient products. The use of biotechnology has also ensured minimal pollution during the process of manufacturing. Hence, it directly has a positive impact on the environment. 

The by-products and other parts of micro-organisms are also used for producing a variety of chemical fabrication. You may be aware of the fact that factories that manufacture plastic and textile products generate a lot of pollution. However, when they use white biotechnology in the production process, the level of contamination is controlled to a considerable degree.

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