Why Should You Thank Biotech?

Advantages of Biotech For All

Further advancements in biotech have made sure that scientists use them to develop various innovative products. They are safe and healthy when compared to items that use synthetic material. Industrial biotech used in the production of fabrics, beverages and some other items has continued gaining ground with time.

Biotech Innovations You Need To Know 

Medicine and healthcare
The pharmaceuticals industry is among those who have gained significance because of industrial biotech. Many drugs wouldn’t have been created if it was not for the contribution of bioprocessing which is an integral aspect of biotech. Practical and widely used medicines such as Rituxan and Avastin are the result of optimum bioprocessing and years of research.

The impact on fabrics

Image showing a hand holding beaker and test tubes in a laboratory
The dyes used on materials used to be harmful to human skin and caused many diseases. However, the use of fermentation vat- a biotech process, modern dyes don’t have any unwanted effects on human health. Even though people don’t fully understand the value of biotech processes in the clothing industry, the use of relevant biotech methods has continued growing in this field.

Energy solutions
Yes, bio-diesel and other bio-technically made fuels have not gained tremendous industry applications. However, if they can be made viable practically, then the running of vehicles would not cause too much air pollution. Reduction of carbon footprints will be another positive impact created by the processes of biotechnology.

Food industry
Several parts of the food and beverages industry wouldn’t have grown to the present highs if biotech wasn’t as evolved. The flavours used in many products along with acidity regulators are a direct result of biotech processes. Yoghurt, curd and many other food items are made with the help of biotech processes. Manufacturers of many types of alcohol also employ methods of biotechnology to produce relevant products.

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