Holiday Meal and Biotechnology


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Do you want to know how biotechnology and daily foods are connected? Well, you need to read this blog. Wine and beer products are produced as a result of fermentation with yeast. It is the one of the most acceptable and popular products of biotechnology. They are highly consumed during the vacations or holiday seasons. The food products and foods have high demands all over the world. The scientists are looking for simple and healthy means to improve and enhance taste and nutritional value and increase the crop yields in daily foods. Moreover, they ensure to safeguard the environment by reducing harmful chemical in agriculture. The pesticides are highly harmful and scientists are trying to execute pesticide free agriculture and food production methods.

MealBiotechnology comes into action in this way and offers the required technology to execute those ideas. Beer making has been in practice since thousand years. It is a popular alcoholic beverage and it is widely linked to biotechnology. It was never started with any connections but later after researching the processes and preparation methods it was found to be a best example to explain the biotechnology production technique. The enzymatic process is the most important process involved in the beer production. It is prepared using various ingredients and each people follow their own production technique. The different steps in beer making are malting, mashing, sparging, boiling, fermentation, down streaming, and packaging. One of the main ingredients in beer is the water. In the fermentation process yeast is added to the particular matter. It metabolizes the grain sugars and aids in settlement of the matter.

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  1. I have seen this generation is much fond of the processed foods, which are a gift of such new technologies developed in the recent years. Consuming such foods would be tastier but you have to be alert about its sides affects also..!!

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