Cheese Production and Biotechnology

Do you love to add cheese in your sandwich? Cheese is one of the most used food items especially in the Christmas seasons. It is one of the best examples for biotechnology and dairy products. Do you how cheese is produced? Do you know the main ingredients responsible for producing cheese? Well, here in this blog, we are going to look how cheese is manufactured and its connection with biotechnology. Enzymes are used in the cheese production process. In an approximate note, ten kilograms of milk can be used to produce one kilogram of cheese. The milk is first collected and then treated according to the product in a safe manner. It is then mixed with coagulate and starter culture. Following to it, rennet is added. It is a milk clotting enzyme.

Cheese_1The remaining product is sliced and it is separated from the curds. The large box of curds are collected and then cooked at very mild temperature to form soft and rich cheese. The smaller curds are collected and it is taken to various processes like stirring, heating and draining. The salt is added in the cheese and then it is drained. The cheese is sliced according to the dishes and varieties of foods. It takes about ten to twelve hours to process the cheese. The enzymes help in the cheese production. If you are not going to use the enzyme, then coagulation of milk is impossible. Moreover, when you do not use the catalase, then you will destroy some natural enzymes when producing the cheese. It has produced for the last thousand years.

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  1. In olden days the cheese was not discovered, it came from the western part of the countries to the rest of the world. I have only seen butter and Ghee in my childhoods, but today my kids are much fond of these processed dairy products and I am Little bit worried about there health.

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