Modern and Traditional Food Biotechnology

If you have the habit of reading magazines and newspapers, then you would definitely know about food biotechnology. It is not a fresh concept. It has been there into practice for years. We have been using the term even before the exact term was named. For centuries, man was using biology to produce food products like cheese, wine, beer and bread. For instance, man used the fermentation method for fruit juices and it has helped them to produce alcoholic beverages. It was found that it has been produced since 6000 BC.

papayaThe most used form of biotechnology can be seen in the seeds. It is seen in the corn which is said to a highest tasting and best yielding crop since centuries. It results to high yield every year. Food biotechnology is the process of yielding plants in a safe way. It has been used to eliminate defective genes and harmful and toxic proteins in the plants. Not only in United States, all parts of the world products food products and crops like squash, papaya, canola, cotton, corn and soybeans using biotechnology and these foods have become the most important foods in our daily diet.

The genetically produced or engineered foods through biotechnology is said to be highly nutritious. It contains high amount of minerals and vitamins and it is produced using combination of various selected traits. It is much safe than the normal foods. When you compare with the traditional foods, the genetically produced has minimal toxic content and it is usually removed by altering and transferring of genes.

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  1. The concept of Biotechnology was existing from the ancient times, people knew many of the homely techniques to process the foods and preserve it for longer time. Today the technology is developed and taken to great heights..

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