Biotechnology is applied at Home

Most of the people have an idea that biotechnology is only used in laboratories. It is used for modification of genes. But the true fact is biotechnology is applied in our daily lives. It is used in homes in various ways ranging from lipstick to lunch. Are you interested to know how we are using at home? Some people think biotechnology deals about genetic modification and they will be surprised to explore the complete possibility of the areas and its various applications. We are using biotechnology in our homes and the life would remain totally different if we do not use it.

outlineLaundry: The washing powders we use for cleaning our clothes are manufactured using combination of biological and inorganic materials. Enzyme is an active molecule material used as biological material in the production process. It helps to breakdown the stains. It can easily remove stains like gravy, egg and blood stains. It is used to wash away the stains from the clothes. If the washing powder does not contain enzymes, then you will really hard to remove the stains.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: The foods we eat are produced from the living things. The drinks and foods are improved with the help of biotechnology. For instance, we use biotechnology for marinating the meat and make it soft, preparing bread, processing milk into yoghurt or cheese and also use for preparing fermented drinks like wine and beer. Biotechnology is applied and plays an indispensable role in our everyday lives. There are lot of recipes which we use biotechnology in our home.

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  1. I have seen a live example at my home itself, my mother prepares the dough for Idli (South Indian Dish) and she uses Yeast for better fermentation. Although she doesn’t know the actual process what it happens but she is quite aware about its use.

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