Applications of Biotechnology and its Importance

Biotechnology is applied in vast industries. It is commonly seen in agricultural, medical and food industries. Here in this blog, let us discuss how biotechnology is used in various industries.

Food industry: Different types of crops, fruits and vegetables are clear answers for this field.

Agricultural industry: The biotechnologists are finding new methods and means to yield maximum crops by minimizing the toxins. They are also finding measures to control the use of pesticides as it is highly dangerous for the consumers. There are several new crops produced and has helped to provide more productivity in small area and time.

Applications of BiotechnologyThey have implemented various breeding techniques and helps in the production of new fruits and plants. The biological techniques helps to kill the harmful herbs and pests found in crops. It is the reason why biological techniques are getting popular.

Pharmaceutical industry: Biotechnology plays an important role in the pharmacy industry. Nowadays, new drugs and medicines are entering the markets with the help of biotechnology. It has helped to serve the patients more efficiently. Moreover, patients suffering with lifelong disease or diseases that cannot be curable are treated with the latest medicines and drugs. It is all because of the biotechnology and its implementation.


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  1. There is wide application of biotechnology in many sectors of our daily life. Starting from the agriculture to the final processing of foods biotechnology plays a vital role. Today many of the recent developments have also came into this sector.

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