An Overview On Energy Based Products

The awareness of using eco-friendly products has risen tremendously thanks to the efforts taken by environment groups to promote the use of energy efficient product leading to reduced carbon footprints. There are a host of energy based products being launched every month to promote the positive sentiment about their brand. Below are listed a few green products that have created an impact in the market.

Green paper shredders: Sensitive information like personal information or financial details has to be disposed without leaving any trace. This has given rise to electronic paper shredders. There are hand powered shredders that provide an eco-friendly solution; all that is needed is to use the hand to activate the shredder. These are portable and are easy to use. It helps to conserve energy a great deal.

Dryer balls: This has gained recognition over the years as it is basically made of large rubber balls covered with spikes. The purpose of the product is to separate the clothes for quick drying and to keep it soft. The dryer balls can be reused and hence it is advantageous compared to traditional dry sheets. Though, the dryer could be noisy at times.

Eco friendly Power outlets: The inherent problems of old school power outlets is the requirement of continuous power supply even after the power is switched off. It effects the environment as well as your energy bills greatly. Using green power outlets comes with simple turn on and off mechanism. The eco friendly power outlets are available in retail stores.

Solar speakers: These are compact speakers with high audio quality and are run by the power of sun. The solar panels allow maximum absorption of the sun’s rays. The product is cool and boots quickly.

Green GPS units: The GPS is a boon to drivers as it gives traffic guidance and road safety tips. These devices can be configured for eco friendly interests. It also helps to reduce carbon footprints from your car.

Phone Apps verification: Companies are in a race to showcase themselves as green lovers. Many businesses are striving hard to acquire certifications for their green initiatives while others use this to improve their sales and brand image. There are green labels given for products that adhere to eco friendly goods standards. These labels help to identify genuine green products.

Charging cases: Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and channelize it into energy. The concept is used in running electronic devices. Solar laptop battery chargers are used to juice up your laptop. The batteries are designed to absorbing solar power to power the device. This solar charging case can be used to power other mainstream electronic products as well. The case has aesthetic appeal despite the solar panels.

Water heaters: Solar panels are used extensively to heat water. The solar water heater is far more superior to the older version. The use of solar power improves the efficiency rates, reduces the emission rates and also increases the lifespan of the unit. The biggest advantage of using solar water heaters is the lower carbon footprints. The energy consumption is reduced by 70% thereby saving on your energy bills drastically.

LED lights: The best way to conserve energy and protect the environment from harmful rays is the use of LED lights. It helps to reduce the environmental impacts by consuming lesser energy. LED lights enhance the lifespan and efficiency of the bulbs. It also produces higher brightness when compared to traditional bulbs. The greatest advantage is that the LED bulbs are free from toxic discharge and is free from UV emissions. The expansive technology helps to bring LED bulbs to every home. LED lights are by large a greater improvement when compared to traditional bulbs.

Green TVs: Did you know that there are green TVs available in the market? These are energy efficient products that consume low energy. Many retailers have started selling Star rated televisions that consume less power. Television brands are showcasing their contribution to the community by producing low power televisions that are soft on the environment and your pocket. Television is a widely used device in every household, the dawn of satellite channels and the awareness has brought eco friendly TV to most houses both in the rural and urban areas.

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