What Are Bio Energy Products?

One of the most popular bio energy products includes international bio magnetic bracelets. Magnetic forces improve the blood circulation in the body and it provides the most needed nutrients by improving the health naturally. Research explains that biological chemicals in the body are electro-chemical ions. There are both positive and negative charges and it produces magnetic fields. The nerves produce electrical signals and it is the best example of electro chemical ions. There body creates a balance between positive ions like potassium and sodium versus negative ions like calcium and chloride. When there is a trigger reaction there is shift in ions and it becomes positive. The trigger reaction sends pain signals. For decades it has been researched that behavioral and physical functions are controlled with the help of electromagnetic fields that are produced by ions. The biological processes are regulated by the movement of ions signals. What is interesting is that those ions are determined by external magnetic forces.

It has been researched that negative magnetic field dilates and constricts the capillary walls of the blood vessels. The magnetic response facilitates blood circulation in the body. The capillaries compress to decrease the blood flow in the injury areas and it decreases the pain and swelling. As soon as the swelling is reduced the capillaries are enlarged to increase the flow of blood. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen efficiently and it helps to speed up cellular repair. The ability of the body to increase the biological responses comes from the negative magnetic fields. It results in quicker healing and faster pain relief.

The ingredients in bio magnetic bracelet
Neodymium is earth derived and has the potential to hold their charges for a long time without any loss of power. Combing magnet with Titanium metal makes it stronger in comparison with steel and it is 45% lighter. Despite it corrosion resistance, strength and lightness, it has the strength to withstand high temperatures. Biomagnetic Titanium bracelets are made from 100% pure Germanium metal conductor FIR balls.

Bio magnetic bracelet effects
Irrespective of the shape and size of the magnetic bracelet the effectiveness remains the same. In the bio magnetic bracelet there is 2,500 gauss to 10,000 gauss. While wearing the bio magnetic bracelet ensure it is not worn next to the watch as it could damage the internal mechanism of non-digital watch. Also there are no side effects of wearing a bio magnetic bracelet. The World Health Organisation has issued a statement confirming that static magnetic field does not pose any health complications.

When you should not use magnetic therapy?
· When you are pregnant
· When you have pacemaker, insulin pump, defibrillator or electromagnetic implanted devices
· When you have had cortisone injection in the past 2 weeks
· Close to transdermal drug patches

Is bio magnetic bracelet a fashion accessory or health product?
The bio-magnetic bracelet has the best of both worlds. It has both health and fashion benefits. It is basically used for health benefits but the looks of it can quench your fashion quest as well.

The effects of magnetic fields
· The magnet stimulates natural hormones called melatonin in the pineal gland that regulates the circadian rhythm.
· The balance of the positive and negative ions in the nerve cells stimulates pain in the body and this can be regulated by changing the electric charge in the cells. The magnetic field reduces or blocks the pain signals.
· The sinuses are sensitive to magnetic fields as it can reduce inflammation, congestion and gives relief from sinus pain.
· Magnetic fields can cure bone fracture. The pulsed electromagnetic field devices are approved by FDA.
· It provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation that is used in treating drug addition, depression, Parkinson disease and insomnia.
· Use of magnetic mattresses has proved to reduce symptoms like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis.
· Magnetic knee braces have provided marked relief from arthritis pain and it also improves knee functions.

Experts reveal that if magnetic therapy products are used in the right way it can lead to no health risks. Magnetic therapy is widely accepted in countries like India, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, Israel and over 45 countries.

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