The Impact of Biotechnology On Humankind

Why Has Biotechnology Been Pivotal? 

Biotechnology has brought about numerous positives over the past century. Right from the advent of penicillin to the coming of age technologies like gene therapy, the benefits of biotechnology have come a long way. And the future looks brighter and more promising than ever before. This article is an attempt to explore some areas where biotechnology has been substantially useful.

Facets That Benefited The Most From Biotechnology


Image showing green plants in glass tube in a laboratory

If you sit back and analyze how biotechnology has revolutionized medicine, you will be amazed. Gene therapy is perhaps the latest addition to the long list of biotechnological advancements. Attempts to cure cancer have taken phenomenal strides in recent years with the use of gene therapy. 

Diagnosing Parkinson’s is another accomplishment of gene therapy. Presence of faulty genes in people have been the prominent cause of hereditary diseases. Could all of this ever be found out if it was not for biotechnological development?


The green revolution that took place in some countries of the world sorted out all issues relating to food security. Use of genetically-modified seeds to create high-yield varieties of crops ensured agricultural production went to unforeseen levels. The creation of the biologically modified crops was made possible by exploring the realms of biotechnology. These vegetables and crops also have the ability to withstand the impact of pests and insects to a substantially great extent.

Food processing

The transport of perishable food items over long distances would never have been possible without slight modifications to their structure. Yes, methods of preservation matter a lot but genetically engineered food items have a considerable shelf life. As a result, keeping them viable throughout the year is relatively easy.

All in all, humankind must understand and appreciate the benefits they enjoy because of the works of the pioneers of biotechnology.

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