Different types of biotechnology

What is Bio-technology?

In biotechnology, biological systems, which are found in organisms or the organisms themselves, are used to make technological advances. These technologies are then adapted to different fields. Various fields from agriculture to medical see use of biotechnology. Applications in areas that involve the living are not included.

Medical Biotechnology

The purpose of medical biotechnology is improving the health of humans by using living cells and other cell materials. It finds place in curing, preventing and getting rid of diseases. Medical biotechnology has a science that involves using tools for research so that better ways of maintaining human health can be found. It involves understanding the human cell biology and pathogen. Pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals to fight diseases are developed using these techniques. Bacteria, animal and plant cells are first studies to understand how they function.

Image of a hand holding chemical equipments in a lab
DNA also known as deoxyribonucleic acid is studied to understand how the genetic make-up of cells can be manipulated so that there can be an increase in the production of characteristics which can be beneficial to humans. Some examples of the use of medical biotechnology is in the form of vaccines and antibiotics.

Agricultural Biotechnology

This stream lays emphasis on genetically modifying plants so that crop yields can increase and certain characteristics can be added to plants so that they get an advantage when they are grown in regions where there is some stress on the plants, usually in the form of pests or weather. Usually scientists identify the characteristic, then look for the gene that is responsible for it and after that they put the gene inside another plant so that the characteristic desired is obtained. This way the plant becomes more durable or can produce bigger yields than before. Some examples of the use of agricultural biotechnology is in the form of crops which are resistant to pests and breeding of plants and animals.

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