Emerging Trends in Biotechnology Based Construction

Recent Trends Of Biotechnology Based Construction Suggested By Architects 

The construction industry is one of the thriving industries in the world. There are various modern techniques implemented and latest construction materials used to build an eco-friendly and sustainable building. Architects recommend making use of biotechnology-related building materials for construction purposes. Today it is essential that we move towards creating a highly sustainable and eco-friendly environment. This would be a great move in making this world a better place to live in. Here you would know about the use of biotechnology-related products for constructing buildings. 

Use Of Construction Biotechnology Recommended By Architects 

Image of Reusable Bio-Based Bricks For Sustainable Environment.It is a new construction engineering discipline which is gaining popularity in the last few decades. In this biotechnology-based construction, microbially-treated construction materials are used. The construction process is also totally different as it is based on biotechnology-related technologies. It is, of course, a cost-effective means of a construction technique that can be followed in the current era. One of the main reasons for architects and construction engineers suggesting biotechnology-based construction is that they are eco-friendly and high sustainable construction materials. The biodegradable bioplastics are in use today for temporary construction purposes. Check here – about how biodegradable products work.

Bioagents are mainly used in biotechnology-based construction, which is pure and made up of microorganisms present in the soil. There are several applications of construction biotechnologies, which include biocementation, bioaggregation, biodesaturation, and bioclogging. It is said there are several benefits of making use of biotechnologically treated construction materials compared to the conventional traditional construction materials and process. The proper implementation of the biotechnology construction process can offer significant environmental benefits.  Thus the biotechnology-based construction materials are of high demand in the market. 

Recent Bio-based Construction Materials Recommended By Architects 

There are several bio-based materials which are used for the construction of buildings. The bio-based construction materials are made up of natural products, but it is 100 percent natural. As there are specific natural properties, they are safe to use and do not create harm to the environment. The following are some of the recent bio-based construction materials that are in use in the construction industry. 

Plant Based Construction Materials: These are the construction material which can be used to build reinforced concrete, multilayered walls, etc. which replace the traditional masonry materials. The plant fibers-based concrete is also in use for constructing buildings. 

Bio-based Sealing And Insulation Products: Natural insulating materials which are made up of bio-based raw materials like flax fibers, and it acts as an excellent insulator which is used for acoustic purposes. It helps in the absorption of noise and reduces its impact.  Hemp fiber is also used as an insulator component and act as an insulation product. 

Bio-based Reinforcements: It is possible to build reinforcements with a composite material which is made up of natural fiber, and it is an excellent substitute for steel reinforcements. 

Thus the thermal performance of the reinforcement is increased. 

Bio-Based Rubber Materials: Rubber is an important raw material used for construction purposes. The thermoplastic polyurethane is a revolutionary type of rubber material which is eco-friendly. 

Bio-based Coating Materials and Research Trends

Bio-Based Coatings: The conventional coatings used are harmful to the environment. The bio-based coatings used are water-based and made up of vegetale binder. This can be used for painting walls and ceilings. Bio-degradable paint, varnish glue, etc. can be used instead of chemical-based products. The emulsions that are solvent based are used for shuttering removal and are substituted with bio-based plant oils. 

Bio-based Landscaping: Bio-degradable tree and plant mats are mainly made up of natural fibers for creating green spaces. It is an excellent bio-degradable material that aids the growth of your plants and prevents the growth of weeds. It is essential to move to environment-friendly landscaping. For decking purposes wood-plastic composite a partially natural product is used. 

The above are some of the useful insights about biotechnology construction and its benefits in offering an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. 

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