Enzymes and its Applications

Fructose and starch hydrolysis production: In food industry, the starch degrading enzymes are used in various ways. It involves use of two enzymes to convert starch to glucose, the fungal enzymes and alpha-amylase enzymes. As an introductory material, fructose is produced from the sucrose. The sucrose is then cracked by invertase into fructose and glucose. The fructose is then separated and crystallized.

Enzymes are highly used in the drinks industry. The lactase breaks down the milk sugar lactose into galactose and glucose. It is a main process used in the productions of milk products which is taken by the lactose intolerant consumers. Addition of cellulase, xylanase and pectinase helps to liberate more juice from the pulp. In the same ways, enzymes help in the wine production.

Enzyme-immobilizationEnzymes play an important role in the textile industry. There are several enzymes and enzymes like lactases, catalase, and amylases are highly used in textile industry. The enzymes help to degrade linin, bleach textiles, humiliate excess hydrogen peroxide and remove the starch.

Baking: Alpha amylases are highly beneficial in the baking industry. It helps to increase the shelf life and improve the bread quality. The bakers use the xylanases and helps in decreasing the water absorption. When you add this enzyme, there is no need to add more water in the baking process. It helps to make the dough more stable. Proteinases helps to improve the dough handling properties, lipases helps to strengthen the gluten and the glucose oxidase replaces the chemical oxidants in the baking process. All these enzymes helps in maintaining better bread quality and keep the dough more stable.

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