Exciting Biotech Methods And Practices

Biotech- Will The Future Be Brighter? 

Biotechnology has come a long way, but a lot more needs to be done in this field. The times to follow, look promising, and the part played by biotechnology will be even more significant- or so it seems. The advancements in plant synthetic biology and emphasis on organs-on-chips are some of the trends that should catch even more.

The Trends That Should Grow

CRISPR and biotech

Manipulation and modification of genomes of organisms is an essential aspect of biotech innovations. And well, CRISPR is definitely the most popular way of accomplishing it. In recent times, its use became substantially more common. It is expected that the reliance on biotech on CRISPR will continue without any hindrances. At the same time, CRISPR is all set to evolve and become much more efficient than before.

Abstract Image of biotechnological concept

Breaking tradition with production hosts

The use of E Coli and Chinese Hamster Ovary as productions hosts has been practised widely over the years. However, their non-specific nature didn’t yield any significant progress. The biotech engineers and scientists realized it a long time ago. However, not much was done to bring considerable changes to the situation.

The recent times have seen efforts being made to opt for different production hosts for better results. The reliance on Chlorella and red yeasts such as R. Toruloides for the creation of carotenoids has also found a place in many places. It is evident that the natural attributes of these production hosts have contributed to this landmark shift.

Chemical engineering and miniaturized bioreactors

Creating miniaturized bioreactors that have all the features expected to be present in the actual factory is another new trend. It can be the best way to find out all the probable drawbacks. At the same time, it will give the scientists an opportunity to get rid of all flaws without substantial investment.

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