Various applications of biotechnology

Vaccines and antibiotics

Vaccines and nothing what chemicals which stimulate the body’s immune system so that the body can fight the pathogens when it is attacked. This is done by injecting weekend versions of the disease into the bloodstream. The body then reacts as if it is under attack by the disease. The body then fights these pathogens and this way understands the cell structure of the disease causing pathogen and is now ready to fight this pathogen. So when an individual actually gets exposed to the disease the body then recognises the pathogen and forms a difference because it already has done it once before. This way the healing process is faster and symptoms are lesser.

A lot of progress has been made in the way antibiotics are developed which fight the pathogens for humans. Plants are grown and then engineered genetically to produce the antibodies. 

Abiotic Stress Resistance

Image of medicine passed to injection

There is only around 20% of arable land on earth. As the population in the world increases the need for food sources also increases. And to make this available it is important to be able to produce as much food as possible with as little resources available. Crops should be able to grow in even the less arable places in the world. Crops should be made resistant to frost, drought and sell 90. In places like Middle East and Africa the climate can be very tough and biotechnology has played an important role in developing crops which can live through these harsh climates. 


The energy producing sector sees one of the biggest uses of biotechnology. There is an increased need to find fuel sources that are environment friendly, especially with the depletion of oil resources in the world and the environment impact being cost thereof. With the help of biotechnology advances are being made in this field by looking at alternate sustainable resources to make fuel.

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