Notable Uses of Biotechnology in Your Life

Some Positive Impacts of Biotechnology in Human Life

The professionals associated with the World Economic Forum’s Council have introduced some significant development with the help of biotechnology. The recent discoveries have not only satisfied the growing demands of food, energy and healthcare but have also enhanced productivity and generated new employment opportunity. Below are some of the recent advancements that you cannot ignore.

Role Of Biotechnology In Controlling Global Warming

With the growing use of biotechnology, many sectors have undergone the latest improvements. Over the centuries, a significant half of the fossil fuels have been exhausted. The fossil fuels took more than millions of years to amass on the earth surface. As these reserves are non-renewable, refining, extracting and burning these fossil reserves is highly responsible for global warming.

A Woman scientist holding a plant which placed on a glassware

Depletion is threatening 

The population is increasing with every passing day, which is posing to all-new challenges. Do you think humans will be able to meet the demands for bio-fuels after a century? There is no doubt that fossil reserves will get exhausted someday or the other. Hence, preserving them is necessary. In such situation biotechnology, biotech crops and bio-fuels are working towards solving these issues. 

Importance of artificial biosynthesis

The depletion of fossil reserves is one of the primary reasons for the increase in greenhouse affects. However, the experts have introduced a modern technique of accumulating these fossil fuels which would not have been possible with biotechnology. The scientists invented a new process of exploiting fungus, bacteria and other plants to execute artificial biosynthesis and produce useful chemicals, fuels and other usable products. 

A significant portion of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The experts are developing modern techniques to bioprocess seawater to generate chemicals and usable fuels out of them. With the help of biotechnology, scientists are also able to produce biofuels from seaweeds. The techniques mentioned above are some of the significant inventions in the field of production. 

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