The Present and Future of Biotech

The Most Common Biotech Trends

The impact of biotech has been felt and noticed in many areas of human existence. The effects are obviously going to grow even more in the times to follow. So, being aware of some aspects of biotech will make sure that you have a good grasp of its roles in your life. Knowledge about some of the scientific facets will also be good for you.

The Basics of Biotech 

Editing of genomes

It is one of the most widely used practices of biotech. Genome editing implies modification of the genome of organisms. So, when DNA is added, removed or changed in any living cells, the process is called genome editing. 

This process can have significant impacts. Gene therapy for the treatment of life-threatening diseases such as cancer may not have become a reality, but if it does, it would be because of genome editing. The use of CRISPR technology for genome editing is vital because of the extent to which the biotech community depends on it.

Image Represents Biotechnology Concept which applies in food

Biotech and food industry

Dependence on livestock and agriculture for food has created numerous adverse effects on the environment. Biotech for production of nutritious food items without any side effects can be a viable alternative. It can not only lead to stable food security but also reduce the damages faced by the environment and flora and fauna of the earth. Food engineering is an integral part of biotech practices, and it should continue its growth at optimal rates.

Augmentation of humans

Well, it might seem to be a far-fetched idea, but placing devices inside the human body to make it more efficient might become the norm in the future. After all, people are already spending sufficient time with their smartphones and personal computers. Increasing and bettering the cognitive abilities of humans can be achieved with proper augmentation of devices.

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